DOLITTLE- The FlickFanatics (Karl S.)



Robert Downey Jr- Dr. John Dolittle

Harry Collett- Tommy Stubbins

Emma Thompson- Poly (voice)

Tom Holland- Jip (Voice)

Robert Downey Jr. brings the quirky physician that talks to animals to the big screen in the new family film “Dolittle”.

Dr. John Dolittle (Downey Jr.) is a very unique physician, he treats animals and is able to communicate with them, he talks with animals. The Queen of England rewarded the doctor with an estate where he could live and treat his menagerie of patients. Dolittle doesn’t have an assistant per say, he has a parrot named Poly that helps him and keeps the animals in line.  John met his sole mate in a global explorer named Lily (Kasia Smutniak) whom he married and moved her into the estate.

Lily left for an around the word adventure only to have her ship capsize, but in the final moments she sends Poly back to John with her wedding ring. Dolittle gets the ring and knows Lily is gone. Dr. Dolittle becomes a recluse and shuts down his practice and only living with his animals and avoiding humans. That is until the Queen of England is stricken with a mysterious illness and Lady Rose (Carmel Laniado) seeks out the only doctor the Queen trusts…. Dolittle.

Lady Rose sneaks on to the estate and finds another person there, Tommy Stubbins, a boy from town that also was seeking the doctor to treat a squirrel he accidentally shot after being pressured by his dad. Dolittle dismisses the kids but does treat Kevin the squirrel (Craig Robinson voice) whom come through with a vendetta for Stubbins who shot him. Ploy explains to John if he doesn’t treat the queen and she dies they will lose the Estate.

After a quick makeover Dolittle makes his way via Tutu the ostrich (Marion Cotillard voice) to Buckingham palace with his animals, Lady Rose and Stubbins in tow. Dolittle has his dog Jip (Holland)sniff the scene around the queen and Jip tells Dolittle she has been poisoned with nightshade. Dolittle explains that the only cure lies in the fruit from the mysterious “Eden” tree and the queen will die if she doesn’t have in by the next solar eclipse. The eclipse is only a few days away!

Dolittle, Poly, his animal assistants and his new prodigy Stubbins set sail to find the Eden tree, the problem is only Lily knew the location. So Dolittle and his team must navigate “Troubled waters and avoid many dangers to find the cure for the Queen and flush out the villain who poisoned her.

Dollitle is a cute, funny and entertaining film for the entire family. Downey Jr. is perfect in the role of the quirky doctor, but the cast that voice the animals is fabulous! Dolittle’s animals have a cowardly Gorilla (Rami Malek voice), Dab-Dab the duck (Octavia Spencer) who is not the smartest medical assistant and Yoshi (John Cena) the cod natured polar bear. The animals and the witty dialogue that comes from them is the highlight of the film.

I’m Karl the flick fanatic telling you to take the kids and spend a winter weekend at the movies with the classic Doctor that talks to animals…DOLITTLE!

Rating 4/5 stars