GRETA- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)



Isabella Huppert – Greta Hideg

Chloe Grace Moretz – Frances McCullen

Maika Monroe – Erica Penn

Nice girls finish last and sometimes trapped in a box!

Neil Jordan brings us the tale of a lonely old woman’s unique way of making friends in New York City in his new suspense film “Greta”.

Frances McCullen (Moretz) is a waitress that is struggling with the recent loss of her mother. Frances lives in Tribeca with her best friend Erica (Monroe) while punishing her father (Colm Feore) for moving on and not mourning her mother longer. Frances discovers a purse on the subway on her way home from work, she tries to turn it in to the lost & found only to find the booth empty. McCullen takes it upon herself to return it in person.

Erika warns her friend against returning it and says they should take the cash for a spa day and toss the bag in the dumpster. Frances insists on returning it even though Erika warns her against creeps in New York.

Frances arrives at the address for Greta Hideg and hears the woman playing piano. Greta answers the door and insists on McCullen join her inside for coffee. The two begin to talk and discover that they are both alone in the city with Frances losing her Mom and Greta’s daughter in Paris. Greta goes on about just losing her dog as well, when Frances offers to help her find a new one.

The two form a quick friendship with Greta inviting Frances over for cooking lessons and dinner. While setting the table at dinner Frances discovers more purses in the cabinet with girl’s names on them. Frances is thinking Erica was right and is freaking out as she sits down to dinner with Greta. Frances says she is ill and escapes Greta’s house to go home and tell Erika the story.

Greta begins to blow up Frances’ cell phone and answering machine with messages. When the calls go unanswered Greta begins to show up at Frances job. McCullen tries to get a restraining order but is told the courts are backed up and she should just ignore her. Frances tries that only to have Greta make a scene in the restaurant that has her arrested. Greta is only held overnight and released, and they didn’t bother to tell Frances. She comes home to fins the plants watered and begins to get dizzy only to see Greta in her apartment, having drugged her and now taking her back to her house.

Greta is a suspenseful film that reminds views of “misery” with a little “Fatal Attraction” in it as well. It is a neat concept to have a lonely woman set traps on the subway with lost handbags as a way to trap and kidnap girls for companionship. Greta has some real unbelievable moments to go with the scary ones. First, NO ONE in NYC is returning that bag to the owner…..and  if you cant turn it in to Lost & Found then give it to a cop. Erika is right there are a ton of creepers in New York. The story begins to drag a bit before the abduction but then it is shocking that it takes so long for anyone to come looking for Frances.

I am Karl the Flick Fanatic telling you to head to the theater for an early matinee to see the suspense film “Greta”, but ignore any purses left in the theater!

Flickanalysis grade: 3/5 stars

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