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Edgar Ramirez is Roberto Duran in the new Bio pic “Hands of Stone!

Roberto Duran was raised on the streets of Panama stealing mangos and fighting for money to feed his family. Duran also had a hatred for Americans due to the taking of the Panama Canal. Duran would grow up and become one of the greatest fighters in history and world champion in the welterweight class.

Edgar Ramirez (Point Break, The Bourne Ultimatum) is Roberto Duran, welterweight fighter from Panama that earns the nick name “Hands of Stone” because of the viscous way he would knock out his opponents. Following a 13 round TKO of Ken Buchanan, Duran’s manager Carlos Eleta (Ruben Blades) introduces Roberto to the great Boxing trainer Ray Arcel (Robert DeNiro). The meeting was as cold as the Baskin Robbins Ice cream Duran was eating. Duran still hate Americans and didn’t want one training him.

Ray Arcel was a boxing legend having trained numerous World Champions and being a visionary in the sport wanting to bring it to TV and viewed by the entire nation. That idea almost got him killed by the mob, who were protective of the sport they were running. Arcel made a deal when he left the hospital that he would not make a dime from Professional boxing or he and his family would be killed. So Ray could only train Duran for free!

Eleta convinced Duran to bring on Arcel and the two had more friction that the speech barrier. But soon Duran adopted Arcels way of psychological boxing, making your opponent think the way you want him to. This would be especially clear on the first legendary fight with Sugar Ray Leonard (Usher). Leonard was a faster fighter and also undefeated, so Duran meets him in public and insults his manhood and his wife. Duran gets in his head and Leonard doesn’t dance in the fight, it is fought toe to toe Duran style. Roberto Duran wins the fight Arcel’s way!

The film chronicles the rest of Duran’s career and is a very good look at what the flip side of the Leonard/Duran coin was like.

“Hands of Stone” is an entertaining and captivating fight film. Usher is magnificently cast as Sugar Ray and has the signature smile down pat! DeNiro is amazing opposite Ramirez in the title role. There is also a cameo by John Turturro as mob boss Frankie Carbo.

I am Karl, the Flick Fanatic and I am rating “Hands of Stone” a KNOCKOUT!!!

Rated R (Nudity, Drugs, Violence)



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