Mile 22- Karl Sides (the Flick Fanatics)

Mile 22


Mark Wahlberg- James Silva

Lauren Cohan- Alice Kerr

Rhonda Rousey- Sam Snow

John Malkovich- Bishop

Wahlberg, Cohen and Rousey lead a CIA black ops crew against terrorists in the new action flick “Mile 22”

Peter Berg brings together an all-star cast including Mark Wahlberg, Lauren Cohan, Rhonda Rousey and John Malkovich in the espionage action film “Mile 22”.

James Silva (Wahlberg), an orphan after his family are killed in a car accident. James took the path through the military and became one of the CIA’s best operatives. Silva is high adrenaline and a bit of OCD that he controls by snapping a band on his wrist.  Silva’s crew lead by Alice Kerr (Cohan) and Sam Snow (Rousey) goes by the code name “Overwatch”. The government handles espionage by first using diplomacy, then option 2 is the military and option 3 is OVERWATCH!


Mile 22 opens with Overwatch moving in on a house in the suburbs that has been identified as a KGB safe house and according to the cyber crew led by Bishop (Malkovich) there are 5 hostiles in the house. Overwatch descends on the house and captures all 5 Russian agents and begins processing them and searching for information on the computer drives. Bishop finds a sixth heat signature in the house and turns out to be another Russian agent in a hidden room. Bullets start flying and Russians start dropping but not before they release gasoline to torch the house. Silva is the sniper watching the back of the house while his team clears it. A young Russian that was burned badly makes his way out of the house and comes face to face with Silva. Bishop orders James to eliminate the agent so Silva shoots him in the head.

Two years later, Overwatch Is in Southeast Asia tracking down a source that can lead them to six biological weapons. Iko Uwais (Li Noor), former military that is seeking asylum in the US in exchange for the location of the chemical powder that would make Nagasaki look like a bad storm. Iko gives overwatch a drive with the locations on it and agrees to give them the password when he boards a plane to the United States. The problem is the drive is self-destructing and Overwatch must get Iko to the airstrip 22 miles away through numerous assassins.

While this operation is planned, Russian agents are also monitoring Overwatch from a plane circling nearby. It appears the Russians also want Iko dead too.

Silva and Overwatch are going for Round 2 verses the Russians…..but there is more to this than the drives!

Mile 22 is classic Berg and has Wahlberg, Rousey and the Walking Dead’s Cohan kicking ass and keeping America safe! Mark’s character of James Silva is great as the cocky, get it done soldier and perfect as the lead for this group. I have to say this is one of Rousey’s better performances and Cohan is great as Silva’s right hand juggling a career and marriage that is disintegrating.

I am Karl, the Flick Fanatic telling you to go have 90 minutes of fun and pure action a the cinema this weekend and see Mile 22!

Rated R (Strong Violence and Language)

Flickanalysis: 5/6 guns

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