Murder On The Orient Express- Karl Sides ( The Flick Fanatic)

Murder on the Orient Express


Kenneth Branagh- Hercule Poirot

Daisy Ridley-Mary Debenham

Johnny Depp- Edward Ratchett

Michelle Pfeiffer- Carolyn Hubbard

Josh Gad- Hector McQueen

Judi Dench-Princess Dragomiroff

The World’s greatest detective must solve a murder on a snow-bound train with everyone seemingly being a suspect in the new film “Murder on the Orient Express”.

Agatha Christie’s best “Who Dunnit novel” Murder on the Orient Express returns to the big screen with an All-Star cast and updated special effects. Kenneth Branagh stars as the world’s greatest detective Hercule Poirot and also directs the Christie mystery.

Poirot, fresh from flushing out a police detective who had stolen an artifact from a church in Jerusalem, boards a luxury train called the “Orient Express” to start his holiday. Poirot famous for solving crimes and his very impressive moustache. Is ordered back to Paris. Hercule is bunk mates with Hector McQueen, personal assistant to art dealer Edward Ratchett. Poirot manages to run into each passenger aboard the train, Governess Mary Debenham, Dr. Arbuthnot (Leslie Odom Jr.), Carolyn Hubbard, a single woman on the prowl, Princess Dragomiroff and her maid (Olivia Colman).


The train race through the mountains when an avalanche strands the train. The entire train is awoken and everyone, except Poirot, is shocked to find Ratchett dead in his cabin. Poirot is forced back on duty and immediately tells the guests that he will interview each one of them. Ratchett was drugged and stabbed 13 times.

As the railroad crew works to clear the tracks, the great detective immediately looks at his roomie as a suspect, especially when he has to run down the suspect. He is also lied to by each and every person on the train.

So, who did it?

To find out you need to head to the theater immediately and check out the best Agatha Christie mystery returning to the big screen and see if you can out deduce the great Hercule Poirot and solve the crime!

Johnny Depp is briefly in the film before he is murdered, but Branagh shines as the meticulous detective working his way through a train full of suspects. It is always a concern when you have such a large cast that the film will be overpowered, but the group shares the screen well and have a chemistry.

This is my favorite Christie story and I loved the new adaptation, so here’s hoping that Hercule Poirot will make his way to Egypt for another film soon!

Rated PG-13 (Language, Violence)

114 mins

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