Night School- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)



Kevin Hart- Teddy Walker

Tiffany Haddish- Carrie

Romany Malco- Jaylen

Rob Riggle-Mack

Taran Kilam- Stewart

Tiffany Haddish sends Kevin Hart to class in the new comedy “Night School”.

Teddy Walker (Hart) is a kid with multiple learning disabilities that walks out on his high school placement test and drops out of school. This pleases Stewart the class president and Teddy’s rival. Teddy is a self-proclaimed graduate of the school of life and uses his fast-talking personality to succeed in the sale if BBQ grills.

Teddy is also dating Lisa (Megalyn Echikunwoke) a beautiful, successful interior designer. Teddy spends all his money on his Porsche and Lisa trying to show her he is also a success. Marvin (Ben Schwartz), Teddy’s best friend since high school and his financial advisor, tells Teddy to quit picking up the checks and paying for everything or he will go broke. During a work dinner with Lisa’s co-workers, Teddy does it again and tries to look important by picking up the check. Lisa’s boss lets him and then he is stuck with a $800.00 bill. Marvin distracts the table while Teddy reaches down to snag a few pubic hairs and places them on his dessert. Teddy then starts a screaming match with the waiter (Al Madrigal) only to have the Chef comp the check.

Teddy takes Lisa back to his work for a candle lit romantic evening where he proposes to his beautiful girlfriend, and she said yes! Following her answer Teddy pops the cork on some bubbly that knocks a propane line loose filling the store with gas. As Lisa exits the propane ignites and Teddy is blown out the building landing on his car windshield! Teddy’s boss takes the insurance money and runs off to Florida leaving Teddy unemployed and not able to make his Porsche payments.

Marvin tells him he can get Teddy a job if he gets his GED, So Teddy heads back to his old high school to meet with the principal to try to talk him into giving him a GED. BAD IDEA, the school principal is Teddy’s old rival Stewart! Teddy must go to Night School!

Carrie (Haddish) is a no-nonsense wise cracking teacher making some extra cash teaching an after-hours GED class. The other students taking the class with Teddy are Max (Riggle), a father trying to lead by example, so his son will get his diploma. Theresa (Mary Lynn Rajskub) is a soccer mom that wants to take charge with her life and there is a prisoner named Bobby that is skyping in from jail. Mila (Anne Winters) is a teen that wants to get out of school and Jaylen (Romany Malco) is a guy that thinks the machines are taking over like in the Terminator films. The final person in Teddy’s class is Luis, the waiter from the restaurant that Teddy got fired!

After a few weeks we soon realize that Teddy isn’t the only dumb one in this class. The class agrees with Teddy that their only hope of getting their GEDs are to steal the test out of Stewarts office!

Night School is a very funny film and is loaded with laughs. I was pleased to see Haddish hold her own comedically with Hart. One of the funniest scenes in the film is when the class attempts to steal the test and Rajskub’s character has to try to seduce Stewart, then as they escape the school Riggle falls of the roof separating his shoulder only to have Malco’s character vomit all over him from above! The other stand out scene is when Carrie takes Teddy to the octagon following diagnosing his learning disabilities to give him some physical focus re-enforcement! Hart and Haddish are hysterical but the real gem in this film is Romany Malco, an excellent character actor from TV’s “WEEDS” and “Think Like a Man”, who had me rolling as the constantly paranoid guy waiting for a terminator to burst into class!

You want to know if Teddy passes the class> Then this weekend you need to head to the local cinema and sign up for “Night School’! You will graduate this film with a degree in laughter!

Flickanalysis: 5/6 diplomas

Rated PG-13 (Language, Violence)

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