RAMPAGE- The Flick Fanatics (Karl)



Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – Davis Okoye

Malin Akerman- Claire Wyden

Jeffery Dean Morgan- Harvey Russell

Naomie Harris- Dr. Kate Caldwell

The Rock is the only thing that stands between 3 Giant creatures and the destruction of Chicago in the new action flick “RAMPAGE”.

Hollywood is getting all the new ideas from comic books and video games so we should not be surprised that the classic game Rampage has now hit the big screen. Rampage star “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson as David Okoye, an ex-special forces soldier turned Primatologist working at the San Diego Zoo raising a gorilla he rescued in the wild named “George”. George has a unique sense of humor and can communicate with Okoye through sign language.

Rampage starts in space with a group of astronauts conducting experiments on rats on a space station. The biological weapon that are working on makes the rats grow rapidly, become more aggressive and lethal. Energyne is the company funding the work in hopes of cashing in on the science and making it a weapon. Claire Wyden actually holds the escape pod hostage from the lone survivor on the space station until she secured the rest of the samples.  The pod blows up on re-entry sending the samples crashing to Earth in Florida, Montana and the gorilla habitat in San Diego where George discovers it and is gassed. A wolf in Montana and an alligator in Florida are also infected.

Okoye arrives at the zoo to find his friend tripled in size and scarred after killing a grizzly bear like a bug. Davis calms George down and they move him to isolation until they can find out who and what caused this. Dr. Kate Caldwell, a former employee at Energyne and the creator of the toxin, tells Davis she can help George and stop further growth and rage.

Enter the secret branch of the US government le by Harvey Russell who is going to bring George, Davis and Dr. Caldwell to Washington to figure this out. Claire sends out a homing signal to all the infected creatures drawing them to the Energyne building in downtown Chicago. The army does its best to evacuate the town but there is no time and the Wolf, the Gator and George fresh from crashing a plane all descend on the windy city.


Okoye and Caldwell must salvage the cure from the Energyne building before it collapses and give it to George so he can help Davis take down the gator.

Rampage is fun and kids will love the gigantic animals, but the best thing I found in the film is the relationship between Davis and George. The CGI ape out acted The Rock!!! Jeffery Dean Morgan was his charismatic “Negan type” character and had me laughing in many of his scenes. Ackerman was a weak villain and Harris just came off whiney. Remember it is based on a videogame so that crowd will embrace it as they should.


I am Karl, the Flick Fanatic and I can’t seem to get the tune “George, George of the Jungle” out of my head after seeing the new flick “RAMPAGE!” I recommend if you go see it do it early and save a few bucks, but take the kids…THEY WILL LOVE IT!

RATING : 3/6 Gorillas

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