DR. SEUSS’ THE GRINCH (2018)- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)


Starring Vocal talents:

Benedict Cumberbatch- Grinch

Pharrell- Narrator

Kennan Thompson-Bricklebaum

Cameron Seely- Cindy-Lou Who

Mr. Mean Green Grinch is back with brighter bolder and better animation in the updated classic, “The Grinch”.

In 1966 we had the original animated tale of the green furry creature that hated Christmas and plotted to eliminated from the residents of Whoville. Next in 2000, Jim Carry brought life to the role, but the film fell flat. Now in 2018, we have a bolder, brighter and longer version in the re-imagined film “The Grinch”.

Advances in technology make the animation in this latest version of the Grinch amazing but that is where the positive changes stop. The Grinch is not the mean Ol’ Grinch the original song and tale spoke of. This new “millennial” Grinch is more prankster than mean as he interacts (shops) in Whoville. As he makes his way through Whoville avoiding carolers, he moves decorations causing the Whovians to trip and tumble. But not that mean!

The Grinch doesn’t decide to steal Christmas until Whoville decides to “pump up” the holiday 3 times bigger than the last year. Mean Ol’ Mr. Grinch is friends with Max his dog and doesn’t mistreat him like the original There are obese reindeer added to pull Santa grinch’s sleigh.

The Grinch 2018 has added 30 additional minutes of material an new characters like the Grinch’s neighbor Bricklebaum, where he borrows his sleigh to steal the Who’s decorations and gifts. The grinch even shows acts of kindness to Max and Fred the reindeer prior to his heart growing 3x. There is a sub-plot featuring Cindy-Lou Who that wants to trap Santa to let him know not to bring gifts, but make her Mom have a better holiday. Donna Lou Who, single mother of three kids and walking the tightrope between sane and crazed as the holidays approach.

Flickanalysis: 2/5 Candy Canes.

Kids will love this version of the film and it was made to be shown in 3D. The Animation got the grade I gave the film, but when it comes to the Grinch…. I want him MEAN!

PG (Rude Humor)

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